Things you can do in Dubai

Updated: Aug 26, 2021

Desert Safari -

No trip to Dubai is ever complete without taking an iconic Desert safari. Tourists can also camp overnight in the desert & experience belly dancing, fire show, barbeque and so much more.

Shopping -

Swanky malls to traditional souks, Dubai is one of the best destinations in the world to shop in and of course, Dubai shopping festival is famous for a reason

Adventure -

Skydiving, deep sea diving, snorkeling, dune bashing, bungee jumping and a lot more, Dubai is the best place to be for all the adventure junkie

Cuisine -

Foodie or not Dubai is the best place to explore Emeriti, Arabian and Iranian cuisine. Soak in your tastebuds in luscious flavors and titillating aroma.

Heritage -

Revolving around Islam, Dubai has a rich cultural heritage that will take you back in time. Take out time to explore Arabian market & have once in a lifetime kind of experience.

Golfing -

Dubai promises various opportunities to play golf. Invest your free time at Dubai’s world-class golf courses with friends on the leisurely weekend or try your hand at the professional game.

Theme Parks -

Famous for its gulfs and deserts, Dubai is also known for its theme parks where kids and adults can have fun together.

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